The Theme of the day. “The Sharing Economy”  by Umakant.

ToastMaster Introduction, Presenter, Anand. He started off the #518 The Meeting with a question” What Sharing Means?” to everyone, after that he talks about. What does it include, And how it has affected everyone’s lives.

Grammarian & Word of the Day, Trudy Hedges. Introduced the word “sassy”, which has two different meaning.

1st “lively stylish”

2nd  , “can also be disrespected”, example sassy government,

1st Speaker Evaluator Danny. Introduce the 1st Speaker Basil. He explained the objectives of speech.
And gave a brief introduction, about the topic “The difference between poetry and prose”.

1st Speaker, Basil. Interpretive Reading #2 – Interpretive Poetry. Two interpretive reading.  He starts off by saying love has touched everyone in our life , for some it was more than one. 1st poem reading is  from woman’s and 2nd reading is from a man to woman.

After the Speech ToastMaster says “It was a very sassy reading by basil”.

2nd Speaker Evaluator Beth to Introduce the 2nd Speaker Patricia. Beth Starts of with introduction about communication club manual Speech no 7.Beth explains about speech evaluation.Explained personal aims for the speaker. Which included,  Few pauses that leave you on edge , Maintain eye contact , Emphases on important phases. The speaker had a busy week.  She had to visit police and city council for her roadside sign which was uprooted.

2nd Speaker Patricia. Speech from  Competent Communication Manual Number 7.
Research Your topic, She got the idea about this topic when she was with her friends in a cafe in wellington. She Talks about family and friends unions. Patricia  talks about Screen Technology. Which has  caused decreased social bonds due to excessive tv screen usage.  She continues her speech on Effects of digital addiction. Effects on the human mind, emotional issues like depression. Cited various sources like  news articles, magazine publications , effects of the screen on baby /newborns. And Talks about how to limit screen time uses and Recommends for an 3 to 8 years not more than half an hour. 8 years upwards 1 hours a day most.

Toastmaster says “Didn’t knew screen could be so sassy”.

Club Notices by the President. Danny , Introduction to competition . Briefed us about rolls in the competition. Explained about Bring a friend a night.

Break & Reconvene by Toastmaster, Anand. Talked about Benefits of Shared Economy, And what does it mean to all.

Table Topics /Impromptu Speech, Kelvin Bayley.  Let’s make it sassy let us make it extravagant . topic extravagancy, Table topics with help of “Card against humanity”. The game, on most famous topics. We as participants will be picking up a card, & introduction of the role and the game .

First Speaker Danny , Topics president of USA department. He Talks about great wall of china. Mexicans will come up with fantastic digging machine if Donald Trump Builds a wall at the border. He talks about trump.  what other departments I would like to create. Danny would like to go away with few departments.

Kelvin comments Danny had was some action with Mexicans. & Couldn’t think of any Recommendations

2nd table topics speaker,Beth, Danny will be evaluating her .

Paper money is distant memory how we will pay for goods and services. Living in a cooperative society as per Anand’s topics. talks about barter system. Reinventing different types of currencies. She says let’s go back to simpler things. Start from the beginning & go back to the barter system , no credit card but simple bartering .

Danny’s Evaluation of Beth she is natural , no fever , read the card and leave it down like she did.

Michael 3rd speaker . why can’t I sleep at night topic , he said he sleeps like a rock.
Was every funny. he talks about his cat, which uses to keep him awake.  talks, about his previous cats , A cat of Patricia which was a black cat, which ran away .

Beth evaluation of Patricia’s Speech, how was it since ages and how it s effect our life. Excellent topic everyone is looking in there screens , very thoroughly , I like the way she started with her opening , personal story, how she has encountered about the topic,Plague of technology, she was concerned about the topic, lot of planning speaking from the heart ,talks about her own grandson

Recommendation greater impact , some bullet points , and put it somewhere will she was speaking , we will assimilate information easily and quickly , her consultation could have been strong , how we are going to encourage our grandkids others in other ways of communication and it had lovely humour.

Talks about and that my kids won’t have iPad holder on the potty, she is building on her previous speeches ,

Beth evaluates Micheal.
Commend, Typically Michael speech. True understated humour , anything he talks he just draws everyone in. Recommendations were. Put that card down at the time of speaking. make eye contact.Commend, Delightful humour , he talks about his story , mean thing to do to that cat. He covered the topic beautifully.  a delight to listen to.

Speech Evaluations
Beth evaluation Basil’s speech.

Commend,Love poems can touch our heart , presented from heart both male and female perspective. They were poems from the heart. Loved the roses in the background. roses associated with romance. it didn’t distract anyone they were every well presented .
Recommendation, when you’re reading poems , maintain eye contact with the audience. Let some pause for sinking thoughts about the poem .
Commend, Good overall presentation

Grammarian ,
Sentences mistake , which is as follows
Cut irresistible and sassy,
Let’s pull one out of the bag – kelvin
How good are Mexican are at bigging , – Danny

Ah An Usage ,
Anand , the Toastmaster used it  twice
Kelvin Table Topicsmaster 5 times
Beth, few times and so on

Timer Report, By  Dianne Lowe.
We started meeting 10 mins late.
And in the end, we had 6 mins to play with.
Anand and Trudy had a spot on introduction.
Danny’s introduction was excellent.
Everyone else was on time.

General Evaluation everyone.

End of Toastmasters Meet