Theme of the day – Spring

ToastMaster Introduction beth for the topic done by Beth. She Quoted “you can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.”  The Toastmaster is like an MC at a social function. They ensure the meeting flows well, copes with any last minute program changes leads the clapping, and welcomes each new person up to the Lectern.

I chose “Spring”the meeting theme. I didn’t dress up as a daffodil but instead gave quotes relevant to Spring throughout the meeting. A good evening which everyone including two guests enjoyed. “If Winter comes can Spring be far behind” Percy Bysshe Shelley – Ode to the West Wind.

We Welcomed guest Irene, Fern, and had an Agenda update.

Grammarian & Word of the Day by Adam, “Basically” word , this word annoyed him , explain concept ,  which they can’t explain very well, your not able to see what the person is saying , pick up on people who says Um and Ahs replacements , for the word essentially,  the important bits are , use it as much as you can. Not so basic introduction as per Beth

1st Speaker Evaluator to Introduce the 1st Speaker Danny did the introductions , leave them with a smile title “ crime of the century “ Humorous manual speech 2 ,

1st Speaker Speech/Presentation or Any other Graeme Wilson, famous crimes of the century, The great mini grave , story, about his mini model car, it was very funny , how have you recovered from this crime he got the exact same steering wheel ,for 10 $

2nd Speaker  Evaluator to Introduce the 2nd Speaker, Video on Education speech, We watched a great Youtube Toastmasters Winners Speech and we have to Provide Commend , Recommend and Commend for the Speech

2nd Speaker Speech/Presentation or Any Other

Dananjaya Hettiarachchi World Champion of Public Speaking 2014 FULL SPEECH  Famous Quotes “I see something special in you! but I don’t know what it is..” & “My fellow flowers”

Commend Recommend Commend.

Very hard for an excellent speech, and we all believed we didn’t have any Recommendations

Club Notices by the President about 20 th sept

Break & Reconvene by Toastmaster, Beth

Yoko  Quote ” Sring Passes and one remembers one’s Innocence.
Summer passes and one remembers one’s reverence.
Autumn passes and one remembers ones’s reverence
Winter passes and one remembers ones’s perseverance.”

Table Topics /Impromptu Speech was done by Anand.
How to Survival Zombie Apocalypse
Main name is to be as funny as possible

Topics were as

Danny got the topic “Your in your kitchen and 5 zombies come in. what weapon do you use?”
Michael “You raid a gun/explosives shop what do you take?”
Irene “Where do you set up base?”
Donna “Who would be most useful to you?”
Fern “Someone goes zombie who you love. what do you do?”
Thomas “IF you find a down on your way, What would you do” 

Evaluations followed in the End.

Evaluations for the 1st & 2nd Speakers.Table Topics Evaluation was done by Leigh ,

Table Topics Evaluation was done by Leigh ,

Timer Patricia,Reviews 

Grammarian Reviews.

President introduction , about the cc manuals & end of our table topic meet.