pdfGeneral Guidelines and Responsibilities:

  • To introduce a new word to the members

  • To note the use of grammar, language and memorable lines

  • Choose a suitable word

  • Explain the meaning of the word and use in a sentence

  • Make sure it isn’t too difficult or odd

  • Display the word clearly

  • Print on A4 paper – use 70 point font or larger.

  • Put one copy on the lectern and one at the back of the room

  • Briefly explain the role of Grammarian

  • Hand back to Toastmaster

The Grammarian’s Report

  • Make positive comments

  • The report form can be used as a guide

  • Do not be critical

  • Name those who have used the word

  • Mention any interesting use of language or phrases

  • Tell the audience you have a few memorable lines – ask who said them

  • Hand back to the Toastmaster