The grammarian helps members to improve their grammar and vocabulary, and encourages the use of descriptive language.

Teaching is one of the best ways of learning, so in the grammarian role you’ll improve your own vocabulary and grammar too! You’ll also enhance your critical listening and evaluation skills.

Grammarian responsibilities

There are three main parts of the grammarian role:

  1. To note the use of grammar, language and memorable lines
  2. To count the use of filler words such as “um”, “ah” and “so”
  3. To introduce a word of the day

The weekend before

  • Review any aspects of grammar and language that you’re not familiar with
  • Choose a suitable word of the day – make sure it isn’t too difficult or odd
  • Print at least 2 copies of your word on A4 paper – in as large font as you can fit on the page!

Before the meeting begins

  • Display your word clearly around the room – minimum one copy on the lectern and one at the back of the room

Introducing your role

  • Briefly explain the role of Grammarian
  • Explain the meaning of the word and use in a sentence
  • Hand back to Toastmaster

Giving your Grammarian’s Report

  • Make positive comments
  • The report form can be used as a guide
  • Do not be critical
  • Name those who have used the word
  • Mention any interesting use of language or phrases
  • Tell the audience you have a few memorable lines – ask who said them
  • Hand back to the Toastmaster
Download Grammarian Guide