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General Guidelines and Responsibilities:

  • Arrive a little before the meeting starts.

  • Set out supper things.

  • Greet any guests. Make sure they sign the visitor’s book and do a name tag.

  • Note guest’s names so you can welcome them by name at the beginning of the meeting

  • Open the meeting at 7.30pm by tapping the gavel to call for silence. Ask if there are any C L manuals to be filled in. Hand these to the C L Evaluator.

  • Explain where the exits and toilets are.

  • Remind everyone to either turn their cell phones off or put on silent.

  • Begin with a smile – read the apologies and welcome the guests. If you choose tell the audience a little something about your week but watch the lights – you only have approx. 2 minutes.

  • Welcome and introduce the Toastmaster. It’s good to find out a little about them before the meeting and really build them up!! Lead the clapping.

  • Remove the gavel and sit down.

  • At supper help everyone to drinks and biscuits.

  • After the meeting tidy the supper things.