Speech Evaluator

Giving and receiving evaluations is central to the Toastmasters education programme. As a speech evaluator your role is to observe and listen carefully to the speaker, and provide both oral and written evaluations.

As an evaluator you’ll improve your active listening skills, hone your critical thinking skills and learn how to give objective feedback.

Evaluator responsibilities

Before the meeting

  • Contact the speaker and find out about the speech, title, project number etc.
  • Discuss the manual objectives and any personal objectives the speaker has
  • Ask for some personal details for the introduction
  • Remind the speaker to bring their manual or evaluation form

Giving your evaluations

  • Always speak in the third person and use the C R C method of evaluating
  • Give at least two commendations and two recommendations
  • Fill in the appropriate page of the manual
  • Be positive – remember the Evaluator can show the way to improvement and open the door to strengthen the speaker’s ability to improve
Download Evaluation Checklist