Being the timer of the evening is a key role in Toastmasters — meetings have a finite time allowance and we need to get through the agenda efficiently! Your role is to keep track of the time taken for every role and speaker, and then report back at the end of the meeting.

Being the timer is often one of the first roles you’ll be given as a new Toastmaster member. You’ll improve your time management skills and gain confidence speaking in front of an audience.

Timer Responsibilities

Before the meeting

  • Check the lights are working and position them where they are clearly visible to all speakers

Introducing your role

  • Describe what the timer does and the importance of your role
  • Explain the traffic lights system on the agenda (green, amber, red)

During the meeting

  • You do not need to time any fillers or non-agenda items unless a time is given
  • Ring the bell if any speaker goes over their allocated time by more than 30 seconds

Giving your report

  • Give the time you have recorded against the allocated one on the agenda
Download Timer’s Guide