The Toastmaster creates the meeting atmosphere. Your duty is to plan and conduct the entire meeting and be a friendly host.

As Toastmaster you’ll practise and develop valuable skills including planning and implementation; organising and delegating; and impromptu speaking. You typically won’t be assigned this role until you’re thoroughly familiar with Toastmasters and Athenians club procedures.

Toastmaster Responsibilities

One week before

  • Decide on a theme and add it to EasySpeak
  • Recruit members to fill the agenda

The weekend before

  • Contact all participants to confirm roles
  • Plan your content e.g. segues and fillers
  • Prepare a Plan B – extra content or filler material such as short stories or poems. Always bring Plan B with you. You may need it!

On the day

  • Print and bring copies of the agenda for everyone
  • Arrive early – check pronounciations and agenda
  • If a speaker is unavailable at the last moment, it’s up to the Toastmaster to find a replacement or fill the agenda in another way – e.g. run a longer Table Topics session, ask someone to conduct an Educational or use Plan B.

Opening the meeting

  • Welcome members and guests
  • Go over housekeeping e.g. toilet location, phones off
  • Inform audience of any changes to the printed agenda
  • Introduce the theme

During the meeting

  • Talk up each person you are introducing
  • Lead the applause and shake hands

Key Tip: As Toastmaster, your content between agenda items should be short, sharp, bite-sized pieces that help the meeting flow and link from one speaker or presenter to the next. Try not to “take over” the meeting!

Download Toastmaster Checklist