General Guidelines and Responsibilities:

  • As Toastmaster you create the atmosphere for the meeting. How well runs and if it finishes on time is your responsibility.

  • Choose a theme for the meeting and put it on Easy Speak

  • Your duty is to be a friendly host, conduct the entire meeting and introduce all participants.

  • Talk up each person you are introducing. It makes them feel good and tells the audience a little about them.

  • Contact everyone and check they can do their roles.

  • If a speaker is unable to come at the last moment and no replacement can be found run a longer Table Topics, ask someone to conduct an Educational or use Plan B.

  • Plan B – some filler items i.e. some short stories or poems and ask members to read them. Always bring Plan B with you. You may need it!

  • Remember to welcome everyone up to the lectern and lead the clapping.